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​You've decided to sell. Maybe your family is expanding and you need more space, or you want to upgrade to newer features such as a pool, or views. You might just have outgrown your current place, or the neighborhood, or both and are looking for a real change. Or maybe you’re a seasoned investor ready to part with your place to maximize your returns. You might, alas, be short-selling your home to move on with your life. Whatever the reason, personal or professional, here's how we can best prepare you and your home for a successful sale.​​

Why Sell: The Market's Ripe

Low Inventory and the End of Buyer Procrastination.

You can be confident in your decision as today's market conditions are ideal for sellers. We are in a low-inventory phase (for more details check out our blog entry here), at the beginning of a turnaround where buyers are excited again to jump off the fence they've been standing on for the past several years.

​Lenient Lenders and More Market Participants.

As the lending industry recovers, lenders are way more flexible with their guidelines while interest rates remain low, bringing more buyers to the table. Added to that, we’ve seen tremendous activity from international cash buyers (60 percent of last year's sales were cash) which makes for an ideal climate for quick escrows with minimum contingencies.

Why should you be Excited, Even? Low inventory and more market participants means multiple offers on your property, leading to bidding wars, leading to hitting your target price or over. We’re seeing it happen over and over again with our clients and all throughout the real estate market.

Why Choose Us: We don't stop at 'hello.'

A Winning Price is Our Foundation.

Doesn’t matter how beautiful your home is or how well it’s presented, if it’s not priced right you’re hurting your chances at getting the best possible offer. How do we determine this winning price? We do a thorough market analysis, basing it on a careful selection and study of comparable properties (we compare apples to apples). From this analysis we’ll determine our pricing strategy (pricing ahead of the market).

We prepare and present your home in the best light possible.

 Including and not limited to:

- professional staging of your home if required;

- informative neighborhood expose for all buyers: we know buyers don’t just move into a new home; but also a new neighborhood. We carefully study your area and give a full run-down of schools, conveniences and other points of attraction to boost the interest in your home.

- guided tours at opens (we don’t just sit!)

- pervasive print and online marketing: we use all the current tools available: professional photos, la times ads, online presence on real estate search engines (trulia, zillow, etc) and social media sites and go the extra mile: stunning custom property website, glossy print brochures and coffee books at opens, HGTV-style guided video tour or your home with on-camera host--check out this unique sellers perk from the JM Team by visiting our Video Tour page.

We are a Team backed by a big brokerage.

With us you get not one, but 3 real estate professionals working for you. We merge our connections, multiplying your chances by exposing you to a multitude of active buyers. We’re also with a top-ranked brokerage which gives us added resources and exposure--like an office caravan, where we invite Keller Williams brokers from our branch to view your home as it launches on the market; or access to an internal online network of alerts on which to blast your property to KW agents nationwide.

We stay on top of things.

There’s no reason you shouldn’t have a sound escrow if you list your home with us. Below we explain the two main reasons escrows fall through, and why you won’t have to worry about that happening with us:

- Buyer doesn't perform: We remedy that by meticulously reviewing each buyer's profile (commitment to the property, financials) before opening escrow to virtually eliminate surprises down the road.

- Not meeting deadlines or fulfilling paperwork: Escrows call upon a lot of people--buyers, sellers, agents both on the listing and buying sides, lenders, inspectors, title companies, banks…and require a lot of documents to be generated, circulated, signed and submitted, within strict deadlines. It’s a meticulous dance, but we’re good at it because we remain in constant communication with all parties to keep everyone focused on the transaction. For more on how we handle complications see below.

We make it personal.

You're attached your home, and want to make sure it's in good hands. We get that. We place a huge importance on the human rapport in our business, because we know that if you get along with us, and vice versa, that should make for a smooth transaction. That's why we're easy going, always available to you, respectful of your time, aggressive negotiators but not pushovers, focused, high-energy, well-prepared and most importantly, have a good sense of humor; and that's what we'll communicate to each and every single buyer that walks into your home. Our firm belief is personalities can be the make-or-break of a sale; so let ours work for you.


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