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​Exciting times. You're buying a new home. Whether you're a first time home-buyer or a seasoned investor, the process is exactly the same. Let us save you the guesswork and help you land that perfect property to fit your needs. See some important facts below about the advantages of working with one of the top buying agent's teams out there on the market.

Buying in Today's Market: JUMP!

Market Psychology and Instant Equity for Buyers.

We’re at the beginning of a turnaround in the Greater LA Area, with more buyers releasing every day on the market. Prices are still low, and so are interest rates but more importantly, the competition is still low; and that’s why you should act now. With most of your competition still waiting on the sidelines, you get your best chances at getting an offer accepted. Once everybody jumps back in prices will start increasing quickly. You also have a lot of bank-owned and short sale deals out there, so still have the opportunity to close on killer deals.

Also, since this is just the first wave of this turnaround, sellers are still very much under the buyer’s market psychology; that means you have more leverage to get your offers accepted at below asking, even.  Once the market fully recovers you’re

​looking at asking or above. Which leads us to possibly the biggest reason you should start looking for that special home now: with sellers still entertaining below market offers, you start off with instant equity on your property. It’s a win-win situation: get a great deal now, and an even greater deal down the line when you decide to resell.

Banks are Lending again.

With the market turnaround in effect, lenders are getting more and more lenient with their guidelines and that’s great news if you’re hoping to score a loan. You even have programs out there available for independent contractors with only one year contract history. 

Ideal for Income Buyers.

There’s never been a better time to invest in an income property because the ratio of rental income to purchase price is extremely attractive. With properties still at their lowest and rents increasing, your ROI is at an all-time high. We’re observing that investment properties today are one-and-a half times, to twice as lucrative as they were in a peak market. 

Rents are on the Up-and-up.

So if you are indeed in that fortunate position to be able to purchase a new home, it’s a smart decision to invest now at the bottom of the market, rather than squander that money on increasing rent payments. 



Why you need a Buyer's Agent: Saving you time, money and heartache

We are an agent for you on the field.

 criteria; not in a timely manner, anyhow. Most properties launch on Tuesdays during first broker’s open houses. If you’re like many folks who work from 9-5, chances are you won’t be able to make that first open. We preview properties for you and let you know immediately if any meets your needs, sending you videos as well. Why are previews important? This business is all about timing, and with the market becoming competitive again, hot listings usually get offers in on the very day they come out. If we see something perfect for you during early-in-the-day broker’s open, we’ll immediately get in touch with you, try to get you in for a showing on that same day, meanwhile having the offer drafted and ready to go so you can put it in before anyone else (for more information on placing offers see section below). Also conducting previews allows us to meet listing agents in person, and start a relationship with them

​so they’re able to keep you in mind for the property. Having that pre-established relationship can be key down the line, maximizing our chances at winning a bid. This is a very human, relationship-based business; the highest offer does not always win.

We're not the Listing Agent.

Some buyers like to approach listing agents directly. Their thought process is, “Why do I need a buyer’s agent, when I can do it all with the listing agent?” For the listing agent, this practice is called ‘double-ending’ a deal, and it’s perfectly legal. However, it may not be in your best interest. A listing agent’s loyalty lies with his seller, and this can lead to conflicts of interest and not negotiating the best deal for you. Also, the listing agent will always have you focused on his listing at all times, whereas a buyer’s agent will continuously show you new homes, even while you have multiple offers placed on properties. Working directly with listing agents also means you have to start over with each new property. On the other hand, meeting the right buyer’s agent who understands your needs and really targets homes for you, as we hope to be, is a huge time saver. After all, why work with 10 listings agents, when you can work with 1 buyer’s agent who’ll have all your ducks in a row? Having a buyer’s agent means someone committed to protecting your interests at all times.

We have access to Off-Market properties or 'pockets'.

Say you had your sights set on a certain home, but the listing’s expired. Or you love a specific condominium complex, but no units list as available. We can solicit expired listings, or inquire directly with owners for potential future listings by sending letters on your behalf. Added to that, we blast alerts through our internal Keller Williams network of thousands of agents for unlisted properties or ‘pockets’ matching your needs. 

We'll do the dirty (financial) work for you.

So ast drafting all offers and contracts, we'll help you prepare your financial profile which can be a tedious process. Need a loan? We’ll guide you through every step from pre-approval (see section below) to securing the funds necessary to purchase your new home. We maintain close relationships with various mortgage lenders and financial institutions, and also have an in-house mortgage officer who will scour the market to find the best loan program for you. Also, should the loan fall through for any reason with a conventional lender, we'll work hard to find you a backup lender.

We advise you on the best terms to submit for a Winning Offer.

In the increasingly competitive market, we know the dynamics of bidding wars and how to navigate them for our buyers to come out on top. Let us advise you on the best possible terms  to present in your offer, giving you the best chance at being chosen. With us you have a skilled negotiator by your side every step of the way, and through every contract negotiation.


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