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Latest property video with your hosts Jay and Gil

NEW ON MARKET! 6509 Colgate Avenue, Beverly Grove

Stand out with unique video

A Winning Way to Market Your Home Through Video! We film a unique entertaining introductory segment of your home with host to directly invite prospective buyers to see it in person. This one of a kind marketing method actively engages prospective buyers and has proven very effective in getting showing requests instead of a simple slideshow of pictures or passive pan of rooms. Let’s face it, there is way too much competition out there and your property needs to stand out upon initial interest and be remembered among multiple properties a buyer sees during a day of house hunting!

Single Family Home Sample Video w/ Host 2

SOLD! 1732 Nichols Canyon, Hollywood Hills

Condominium Sample Video w /Host 2

SOLD! 10707 Camarillo St # 112, Toluca Lake

Condominium Sample Video w/ Host 1

SOLD! 1732 Nichols Canyon, Hollywood Hills

Coming Soon Sample Teaser Video 

COMING SOON! 1144 Chelsea Avenue, Santa Monica

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