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A great big Thank You to the wonderful buyers and sellers who have helped us grow our business over the years. We appreciate you so much and look forward to continuing to grow our friendship!

​"There are two words that come to mind when thinking of our home buying experience with Jay Martinez and his team..."happy" and "trustworthy". First off, I come from a family of of Real Estate Agents/ one would think when the time came to buying a home I'd have someone in mind, right? Not so much...see although my family is great and successful in their Real Estate careers, I did not use them...why you ask? Two reasons, 1. they are not familiar with the Los Angeles area and 2. it's ALWAYS best not to mix business with family, I think especially when it comes to Real Estate...there is far too much information that is exchanged during the process of buying a home, finances, credit, etc. I love my family and they are beyond trustworthy...however, we felt it was best to find an agent that we both did not know...we wanted to keep it mutual. In the beginning of our home shopping journey Basilio and I were 7 years into our dating relationship...we knew we were going to get married (eventually) but also knew the reality that if we bought a home, then there would be no BIG wedding...lets be honest...with this was one or the we decided that buying a home was a far more better investment then spending tons of money on a wedding. Like most new home buyers...we went to the internet and searched online at the areas that best fit our needs (commute to work, budget, schools, neighborhood etc.). We drove around after work and on weekends...nothing peaked our interest until we found a home on Trulia...we drove by, loved the area and just sat in our car thinking "now what do we do?" lol...we still didn't have an we called my Dad, (Real Estate Investor) and he said, "Well call the number on the sign!" LOL. So we called, it was the Sunday of Labor Day weekend 2011...the phone rang and I thought "no one is going to answer, it's Labor Day weekend"...but sure enough Jay answered! We exchanged info and that Tuesday set a meeting in his office and the process started! Although I had some knowledge of Real don't really know what goes on until you experience it! So many questions, so many steps, so many things to check off the list before you can even think about your dream home...Jay and Duncan were beyond helpful and patient! In our first meeting we placed an offer on the house we called about...however it was a short sell...they explain to us that with short sells it takes longer to find out from the bank if your offer was accepted and in this particular case, this house had several offers, higher then ours...we were a little bummed...but of course, our sprits were up because Jay and Duncan had complied a LIST of homes in and around the area we were looking that we did not even know were on the they were not listed on Trulia and other websites. (This is why Agents are key in home searching). Long story short...we found a home within a couple weeks! It was the first time it was on the market in 50 had no upgrades...but we loved it. It needed major work, but we saw the potential in the house. It was overpriced for what it was worth...I was so excited I was willing to pay that price! My boyfriend not so much :)....Jay and Duncan pulled the comps in the neighborhood and together we submitted an offer that we felt was reasonable...the sellers countered back with a different number, we went back with another offer...however this time, Jay recommended that we write a letter to the owner as to why we fell in love with her home,etc...a couple days later we got a call that our offer was accepted and we were in escrow! We were thrilled! The closing process was smooth...again, you have a list that needs to be checked off before you can even call your 'almost' house your home...Jay and Duncan guided us every step of the way...answering all questions we had and finding us the best and trustworthy inspectors out there...on Nov. 9th, 2011 we closed escrow and got our keys! We wanted to wait to start remodeling until after the holidays, so in January of 2012 we started with the bathroom...February 2012 we were engaged, and on May 4th 2012 we moved in and were married on the same day in our living room in front of our fireplace with 40 of our close family and friends and had a beautiful out door reception. Today we couldn't be happier...and we owe a huge part to Jay and Duncan...they found us a house we now call home. We recommend them 110%!!"


Sabrina & Basilio S., Miracle Mile

"Jay made the search for our new home an exciting experience. He listened to our wants, needs and budget, and he thought outside the box to make sure he could present us with several amazing options. He has great drive and was always timely and efficient too. We enjoyed our time with Jay, and we highly recommend him."


Richard G., Hollywood Hills

"I met Jay through recommendations from a friend who had previously used Jay before. I was looking for a home in the San Fernando Valley (Encino, Sherman Oaks area) and anytime I needed him he was there, eager and full of detailed information. There were many times I was discouraged that I couldn't find the home I looking with the laundry list of things I wanted but with Jay's expertise and persistence I found the perfect home. Jay is exactl y the type of realtor I had been searching for. I highly recommend Jay for anyone looking for a Realtor that will be a go getter."


Erik J., West Hollywood

"We met Jay couple of years ago, at the open house event, when we were looking for our new home. Before we met Jay we already spent more than a year of shopping, I am a picky client, and, to be honest, it was starting to be a frustrating process. It changed since we started to work with Jay He is very knowledgeable, friendly, listens to the client and easy understands what the client wants. Jay is a pleasure to work with. Anytime we needed him he was there, eager and ready to help. Jay is exactly the type of realtor we had been searching for. I highly recommend Jay for anyone looking for a Realtor."


Tatyana P., Westchester


"Historically, I have never had much luck with realtors in past real estate transactions... BUT Gilbert and the JM Team will restore your faith in the real estate profession. Every aspect of the transaction was handled flawlessly. He is a consummate negotiator (thinks of every angle), peerless professional, compassionate, knowledgeable, thorough and calm. And because he works as a team with Jay, you basically get the expertise of two agents with the same high standards. Who wouldn't want that kind of two for one value. I can't speak highly enough about my experience with Gilbert and The JM Team."  


Thomas S. | Global Company Executive

This was my first home buying experience. This process is a little overwhelming and Gil with the JM Team helped to make the process manageable. He also helped us to find EXACTLY what we are looking for, got us $15,000 UNDER ASKING, right before a full price offer was placed! We had a very limited budget and we thought our wants exceeded our budget, but Gil was able to make it happen! He helped us to negotiate the right things at the right time, and offered services beyond what a normal Realtor would provide. He helped set up our inspections, coordinated conference calls between our mortgage broker, escrow company, and loan officials. He helped us navigate contracts, and steered us away from bad deals. He also helped us make our choices based on the local market and future investment strategies. If we didn't have a good Realtor, we really wouldn't have gotten the deal we did. A+++ Couldn't be happier!

Chris F. | MD at Cedars Sinai Medical Center

I'd been contemplating putting my house on the market for 2 years... A couple words to describe Gilbert and Jay: patient, persistent, understanding, firm negotiators, aggressive, professional. Jay helped me strategize the sale of my home over these 2 years and gave me time to get fully ready to  sell, and be sure I was making the right decision. The JM Team advised me on the minimum things that needed to be done to my home to make sure we launched superbly on the market. Once the home was painted, slightly re-staged, and landscaping ready, Gilbert and Jay executed a flawless launch on the market. The forward thinking marketing these guys do pre-market and at launch is fantastic! Jay negotiated a record high offer. On Day 2 we were at $86,000 over asking or $150/SqFt over comparables. We ended up with a sale at a whopping $900 per SqFt. It doesn’t stop there either; The JM Team made kept the escrow process very smooth and protected my interests all the way through closing day. They maintained firmness during the next negotiating stage of inspections and request for repairs by buyer. And even though there may have been room to award credits, The JM Team convinced the buyer to withdraw his request for credits and my net remained untouched. This team will protect your equity once they secure an offer like no other will. I highly recommend the JM Team to sell your home!!


Chris K. | Pharmaceutical Sales Executive

Dave and Jackie S., Hollywood Hills

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